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Coors Field

Coors Field Seating chart

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Coors Field is a stadium in Denver, Colorado and is the home of the Colorado Rockies of the MLB.  A detailed Coors Field seating chart is located to the left. The arena is located in downtown Denver.

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The stadium is owned by the Colorado Rockies, which built the arena for $300 Million. Coors Field seats roughly 50,480 for baseball games.

The Coors Field’s field is made of Grass.





Coors Field Quick Facts


  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Main Teams: Colorado Rockies
  • Seating Capacity: 50,480 (approximately)
  • Typology: Retro Classic
  • Opened: 1995


History of Coors Field

Ground was broken on the stadium on October 16, 1992. Coors Field was completed a little after two years later. Besides Dodger Stadium, Coors Field is the only park that was strictly built and used for baseball.

Originally, the stadium was planned to be somewhat smaller. After the Colorado Rockies drew in 4.5 million people during their first season, they decided to alter the stadium and add additional seating.

During construction the workers came upon several dinosaur fossils, including a 1,000 pound triceratops skull. At first they considered naming the stadium “Jurassic Park” but ended up with Coors Field instead.

Coors Field Address

2001 Blake Street

Denver, Colorado 80205

Phone: (303)292-0200

Hotels Near Coors Field

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