Dallas Cowboys

Below are funny and witty Fantasy Football Team Names related to the Dallas Cowboys. If you love your team you’ll love all the best fantasy football team names found right here! If you have any funny Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names please add to our list below by submitting them here.


Weeden Start The Fire
The Garden of Weeden
DeMarco Polo
Murray Up Offense
Better than I Dez-erve
Dez Dispenser
Dez-ed and Confused
Dezpicable Me
Dezzy Does Dallas
Final Dez-tination
Can I get a Witteness?
Witteness my awesomeness
Witteness Protection Program
Orton Hears A Who
Jason Garrett’s Ginger Boys
Monte Kiffin’s 401K
No Romo
Romo Witten His Pants
Romosexual Tendacies
Romo Weeden the Carr
No ReGarretts

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