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LeBron James Wallpaper

Best Places to Get LeBron James Wallpaper

LeBron James wallpaperIf you’re truly a King James fan then at any given moment if you happened to get computer checked a person would open up to a LeBron James background! That’s it, no questions asked, and quite honestly for some reason graphic designers tend to spend a little more time on creating LBJ backgrounds, they are amazing!

We wanted to make sure you have multiple options when it comes to finding the perfect wallpaper for the King. That’s why we created a list of the top five places to score awesome LeBron James computer backgrounds! Here you go!
1 – HD Wallpapers

With over 275 LeBron James wallpapers to choose from, you’ll definitely be in LBJ wallpaper heaven! High quality amazing shots and edited images to choose from.

2 – Miami Heat Official Site

Why not go directly to the source for the goods? You’ll find images here that you won’t find anywhere else. With that being said, you’ll find more than just Lebron James wallpaper, you’ll find wallpaper of the entire Miami Heat team.

3 – Sports Geekery

Not as many shots as the first two sites but you’ll definitely be pleased with the detailed graphic work on these King James wallpapers.

4 – Basketball Wallpapers

Very similar to Sports Geekery, however Basketball Wallpapers let’s you know that they are up-to-date with a last update ticker at the top of their site.

5 – Nike LeBron

The fewest options here, but you’ll definitely find some pretty cool Nike shots that would be hard to find elsewhere.


How to change your desktop background wallpaper


1 – Open Desktop Background by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button and clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type desktop background, and then click Change desktop background.

2 – Click the picture or color that you want to use for your desktop background. If the picture you want to use isn’t in the list of desktop background pictures, click an item in the Picture location list to see other categories, or click Browse to search for the picture on your computer. When you find the picture that you want, double-click it. It will become your desktop background.


1 – From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

2 – In the window, click Desktop & Screen Saver, then click the Desktop tab to display just the desktop preferences.

3 – If you want to use a photo from your iPhoto Library, select Library in the left pane. Otherwise, select Choose Folder, navigate to and select the folder that contains your image, and click Choose.

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