No Team Specific

Below are funny and witty Fantasy Football Team Names that aren’t necessarily team specific but that are still awesome. If you love your team you’ll love all the best fantasy football team names found right here! If you have any funny or witty fantasy football team names please add to our list below by submitting them here.

Aaron Hernancuffs
CSI Hernandez
Hernandez Hit Men
Hernandez lost his Tight End
Hernandez Pistol Offense
Along Came Collie
12 Items or Bess
Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
All Day 2K
American Allstars
Angry Soccer Mom
Axis of Ignorance
Back That Pass Up
Ball Busters
Bench Warmers
Better than U
Blood, Sweat, UR Tears
blue balls of destiny
Blue Bubbalicious Barbarians
Brewer’s Winners
Butt-Fumbling Foot Fetishers
Can’t Score Won’t Score
Cellar Dwellar
Cleats and Cleavage
Club Foot
Connecticut Cholos
Crack-Smoking Monkeys
Cranium Krusherz
Dazzling Stars
Death at the Net
Deers N’ Beers
Dirty Sanchez
Dream Killers
Duped by a Doper
Eating Yellow Snow
Eight to Fiver
End Zone Chasers
endzone Maniacs
Finger Puppet Mafia
Fire Cris Collinsworth
Forte Acres and a Mule
Fourth and Long
Fumble This
Give Me the Damn Remote
Gotham Rogues
Guard the Yark
Hail Mary
Hugh Jass Construction
I got 99 Problems But My Kick Ain’t One
I like to touchdown there
Illiterate Read Option
Injured Head & Shoulders
Jabba the Hut! Hut!
Jersey Exchange Program
Joe Buck Yourself
Kick in a box
Kickers Win Championships
Leadership breeds Championships
Lockout Dropouts
Look at my huge TD’s
Merry Until I listened to Berry
multiple scoregasms
Mutiny on the Bounty
Old School
Out past curfew
Own Goal
Parole Models
Password Is Taco
Pimp my Side
Pink Panthers
Polk High Panthers
Purple Jesus Juice
Purple Monkey Dishwashers
Quicksilver Kickers
Rex, Suggs, and Gronk n Roll
Sacks in the City
Scared Hitless
Scouting for Goals
Shefter’s Source
Shooting Stars
Show Me Your TDs
Space Monkey Mafia
Spinal Tappers
Springfield Atoms
Stars & Stripes
Straight Cash Homey
Stunned Punts
Super Bowl Quadruple-Check
Swift Kick in the Grass
Team Ramrod
That’s My Quarterback
The Abusement Park
The Courtesy Flush
The Gangsters of Love
The Mighty Mushroom Bruisers
The Monstars
The Original Whizzinators
The Pain Train
The Replacements
The Smooth Love Machine
The Stars of the headless Horsemen
The Truffle Shuffle
The Uncle Rico’s
The Untouchables
The Wasps
Touchdown Overdose
Trigger Happy Bunnies
Triple Threat All Stars
Trophy Wife
Victorious Secret
Victorious Secret
viscious and delicious
Vladimir Putin’s Bling Ring
Wardrobe Malfunction
We Got Osama
Win the last game
Win with Kickers!
Yesterday’s Corn
Let’s get Rasharded
Ricky Williams’s Brain Cells
The Rusty Trombones
Breaston Show
All Hail Tebow
Bros Before Tebows
The Big Tebowski
Vince Young’s Steakhouse
The ShawShaincoe Redemption

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