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Richard Sherman Girlfriend

Who Is Richard Sherman’s Girlfriend?

It’s always interesting to see who the game’s most elite athletes decide to attach themselves to. So it makes sense as to why we wanted to do some research and pull the details of Richard Sherman’s girlfriend, surely he has one right? Or is he married? Keep reading to find out!

****Update**** Ashley Lillian Moss gave birth to her and Richard Sherman’s son on Thursday, February 5th, 2015. So the little guy was born on 2/5 (25), how about that for a coincidence!

Meet Ashley Lillian Moss. PHOTOS BELOW.

Ashley Lillian Moss – Richard Sherman’s Girlfriend

Ashley Moss Richard Sherman Girlfriend


As of February 1, 2014 the pair have been dating for roughly a year. Ashley calls Redmond, Washington home and is a die-hard Seahawks fan…well duh. She was once a waitress at Joey’s in Seattle, and apparently is now a cosmetologist according to a LinkedIn profile page that may or may not be the correct Ashley Moss.

Ashley Moss is 25 years old(as of this posting), and is the daughter of Raymond Moss, 52, and Stephanie Moss. She has one younger sister Haley Mariah who is 23 years old.

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¬†Photos of Richard Sherman’s Girlfriend – Ashley Moss

See behind-the-scenes photos of Richard Sherman and Girlfriend Ashley Moss as they chill together throughout the season and offseason. You’ll even see photos of the two of them while on vacation!

ashley moss in the ocean richard sherman with girlfriend ashley moss

ashley lillian moss dress Ashley Moss with Richard Sherman Santa hats Ashley lillian Moss Beach Ashley Moss Bikini ashley moss with branton sherman seahawks ashley moss nerd ashley moss dress with richard sherman ashley moss friends seahawks richard sherman with ashley moss

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