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Russell Wilson Wife

Russell Wilson Wife Ashton Meem

Russell Wilson Wedding

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Russell Wilson married his long-time girlfriend Ashton Meem in Richmond, Virginia on January 14, 2012 just a few months before he was selected in the third round of the NFL draft to the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson’s Wife is the only child of Molly and Lang Meem. She graduated from North Carolina State University, where Russell Wilson attended.

The couple met briefly in high school, and then again at a summer party. It wasn’t until after the summer party when they started seeing each other. Ashton eventually left for the University of Georgia and they decided to keep up the long distance romance until Ashton transferred to NC State.

The Russell Wilson/Ashton Meem Proposal

The couple talked about marriage early on in their relationship. On August 1, 2010, Russell Wilson blindfolded Ashton into the Umstead hotel and Spa in Cary, N.C and up to the Presidential Suite. White rose petals covered the floor as they made their way up to the suite. On the dining room table Ashton’s favorite champagne and chocolate strawberries were anxiously waiting. The doorbell rang and in came Penny (the couples dog). Penny had on a dog tag that read,

“Hey Mom, Dad has a question he wants to ask you.”

Ashton looked over at Russell to see him on bended knee. And ¬†that’s how it all went down! How romantic this Russell Wilson is!


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