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How Many Tattoos Does LeBron James Have – 2018 Update?

Many people wonder just how many tattoos does LeBron James have? After much research the answer is a mind boggling 42.

Below we will take a look at some of the more prominent LeBron James tattoos, where they are on his body, what they are of, and any additional information we could find.


“CHOSEN1” Tattoo

lebron james chosen 1 tattoo

LeBron has “CHOSEN1” on his upper back stretching from shoulder to shoulder, this one came after Sports Illustrated dubbed him this on one of their cover when he was still in high school.


Lion head “KING JAMES” Tattoo

lebron james lion head tattoosLeBron wears a lion head on his right arm. This tattoo has been transformed over the years to become the lion’s head it is today; prior to his first season in the NBA “King was added above and James was added below the lion head.




LBJ hold my own tattooJames’ left arm has The Beast and “Hold my Own” with images of birds flying around.



lebron james prince james tattooHis left inside forearm features a tattoo in honor of his son LeBron Jr. first birthday, a portrait with “Prince James”.


“330” Tattoo

lbj 330 tattoo“330” showed up on his right forearm at the start of his fourth season representing the area code from his hometown of Akron, Ohio.



lebron no one can see through tattoo“No one can see through what I am except for the one that made me” is on the inside of his right forearm written in script, it’s hard to see in this photo.



lebron james gifted child tattooThe “Gifted Child” is featured in small letters on LeBron’s chest.


“WITNESS” Tattoo

lebron james witness tattooAfter a successful 2006 playoff run King James added “Witness” running down the length of his right calf, a reference to the famous Nike campaign that post season.


“L & J” Tattoos

LeBron James L & J tattoosLeBron’s triceps proudly feature the letters “L” and “J” – his initials. These showed up during a six day rest in the second round of the 2007 playoffs while the Cavalier’s awaited their next opponent.


“GLORIA” Tattoo

lebron james gloria tattooAbove the lions head on his right arm is “Gloria” in honor of his mom Gloria James.


“KJ1” Tattoo

lebron james kj1 tattoo“KJ1” can be found on his right hand commonly thought to stand for King James 1.0.



lebron-bryce-maximus-tattooBryce Maximus the name of LeBron’s second son appeared on his left forearm before joining Team USA’s basketball training camp.


“FAMILY” & “LOYALTY” Tattoos

lebron family and loyalty tattooLeBron’s chest features a lion/dragon thing with “Family” below on the right side of his abdomen and “Loyalty” on the left both in script.



lebron what we do tattoo2010 brought a new quote on his right and left biceps, “What we do in life” on his right and “echoes in eternity” on the left; a quote from his favorite movie Gladiator.


“HISTORY” Tattoo

lebron james history tattooAlso in 2010 came “History” down his right leg, completing his leg message “Witness History”.


“AKRON” & “EST. 1984” Tattoos

lebron james akron tattooIn 2013 LeBron added “Akron” his hometown to his right shoulder and “Est. 1984″ his birth year to his left shoulder.


LeBron James tattoos have changed and many have been added over the years making this basketball superstar’s body a work of art all in it’s own.

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